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Physical Addresses

Room 4, Plot No. WW22, Michael Thelma House

(Opposite Mukuba Secondary School)

Chibuluma Road, Chachacha

Kitwe, Zambia

Postal Address

Postnet Box 311, Manda Hill, Lusaka, Zambia

Company Registration Number: 107563.

+260 972 740 420

+260 950 321 597

+260 954 564 036

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We work with individuals, government departments, companies, organisations and institutions. We exist to improve communication; from an individual level to a group and business level; and from a print level to electronic. Each of these levels requires a certain kind of image. This image can only be maintained and/or developed through communication styles, practices and processes.

Our job is to work with you to improve and develop your capacity to receive, send and share information,by offering you a unique consultancy service and a specialized training package.

Developing and maintaining your image within the market place rests on your personality, attitude and outlook, what we call P.A.O. Every individual and business has these three elements and these are what inform our delivery. What makes you you (personality), what you project to others (attitude), and how your audiences see you (outlook), is a matter of communication. And that is our business.

We specialise in communication skills consultancy, communication skills training, and academic and research transcription.

What we do

Loyalminds Solutions is your Communication Partner and Consultant